Books High School Students Must Read

Books High School Students Must Read

There are multiple benefits for students reading all kinds of books. This is how children learn to be interested in a subject when they are young. They find a book of a particular genre which daylight and they either keep changing the genre of books per variety or they remain loyal to one particular genre while exploring other books too. This way of showing interest and books can benefit their vocabulary, command of the language, understanding, and comprehension skills.

Advantages of reading books

Here are the top benefits of reading books;

  • Acts as a means of exercise for the brain: When students start reading a book, they have to remember the plot progression, characters, and multiple character arcs too. All this information allows their brain to function and improves memory function because reading is by nature an activity in which students have to keep in mind some facts, especially in novels and plays.
  • An educational and healthy form of entertainment: The only form of entertainment trend that is followed by students these days is using social media applications or websites, or simply playing video games. However, after sitting in front of the screen attending classes in the school LMS, or reading notes from LMS portals, allowing them to have more screen time can harm their eyes and health in general. Hence, reading a book serves as a free form of entertainment. Students have picked on reading some books of which movies or series have already been made, so we can say that it is an alternate form of entertainment.
  • Improves concentration skills: Students lack concentration these days, they simply cannot sit in front of LMS portals longer than in back-to-back classes. At the end of the day, they are left with no more energy to study. When they get in the habit of reading, they are constantly in the practice of reading things throughout, they will read anything and everything provided to them. Moreover, following a plot requires concentration. This is why when a child reads books regularly, it is easy for them to grasp concepts for indeed academic life too.
  • Provides motivation: Reading can be extremely motivational because there are protagonists who might be going through a similar situation as a child, and can overcome challenges. Not simply from the character arc of the protagonist, students can gain motivation from biographies and autobiographies too.
  • Good for general knowledge: Some books teach students a lot of interesting facts. It does not matter whether they will practically use these facts or not, or it is of direct advantage to them. As long as they are in the habit of learning things from everywhere they can, they can make use of this habit in class. General knowledge will always come to use because it is used in application to other facts.

Fun and educational books to read

  • 1984

This consists of a great vision of the future after the atomic wars have taken place, reducing earth into three major superstates. East Asia, Oceania, and Eurasia. The reason why students love this book is that it has a political nature, and if there is anything that everyone must focus on is overcoming propaganda in the present world scenario. It can teach high schoolers individual freedom, self-reliance, and the ability to comprehend situations beyond what they seem to be.

  • The epics

The Hindu mythological epics Mahabharata and Ramayana are a must-read. Not for religious purposes, if they are going through a rebellious phase, but simply for understanding life from a different point of view and trying to use the teachings provided in the epics for real-life application. If you look closely, the epics provide a great deal of knowledge on people as individuals, and what their actions might lead to.

  • Gora

Not just Gora, students can read a lot of Rabindranath Tagore books if they’re just starting to get into them because he has written on a wide range of things. Gora, in particular, is a book that is political during the British Raj. Other recommended books are Noukodubi and the collection of his poems.

  • Classics

Before anything, a classic will teach high schoolers to write better, improving their vocabulary and literary skills. Depending on their preference, they can read different genres of a classic. Romantics are preferred but for the true sense of reading a classic book, high schoolers can start with Charlotte Bronte books and go by the name of the authors, not by the name of the books to read.

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