Creating a Safety Playground


To make your playground safe for children, you need to consider many factors. These include Equipment, Surfacing materials, adult supervision, and Guardrails. These will help you design a playground that will prevent injuries to children. Regular inspections will help ensure that your 안전놀이터will be safe for your children. You will also want to ensure that adults are always available to supervise children.


If you want to create a safe playground, you need to be sure that you buy the right equipment. The equipment you choose should be safe, without loose parts, and it should be made of durable materials. The fence that surrounds the playground should be in good condition with no unintended openings. It should also have no sharp or awkward edges. Lastly, you should also check the ground covering.

Many organizations provide certifications for playground equipment. These organizations are specific to a region, but there are usually local standards that you should follow. One example is the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to safety in playgrounds. By meeting the standards, manufacturers can get seals that verify their equipment is safe.

Surfacing material

Choosing the right surfacing material for a safe playground is a key step in ensuring the safety of children and the public. It is important to consider the benefits and potential negative health effects of the various materials used. To help you choose the best material for your playground, read these safety guidelines published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Surfacing material for 안전놀이터can come in two main forms: unitary and loose-fill surfaces. Unitary surfaces include rubber, synthetic turf, interlocking resilient tiles, and protective underpadding. They are often more expensive than loose-fill surfacing, but they are durable and low maintenance once installed. Rubber tire surfacing is a great option because it is made from recycled tires and offers the highest level of impact-absorbing capacity.

Adult supervision

To ensure the safety of children at a safe playground, adults need to be present at all times. This will allow an adult to see the children, prevent injuries, and administer first aid if needed. Moreover, an adult’s presence will help children understand the importance of safety and be responsible at the playground.

If a safety playground is equipped with age-specific signs, such as “Adult supervision required,” it will help to explain the rules. This sign will also tell users what equipment is appropriate for certain age groups and encourage adults to supervise.


Guardrails are an important part of a playground. They keep young children from falling through open spaces and sustaining serious injuries. The height of a guardrail depends on the age of the children and the type of playground equipment. A guardrail is required on a platform with a height of twenty inches or more. A lower guardrail is enough if the platform is below twenty inches. In general, the guardrail height should not be higher than 30 inches.

Children are most safe in a playground that has an adult present. The design of the park should allow for a good line of sight, allowing parents to watch their children while they play. An optimal site line is a line of sight between a parent’s position and the park’s shade structure. The higher the structure is, the greater the risk of a child falling and sustaining injuries. Depending on the height of the structure, it’s important to install a barrier or guardrail to prevent a fall.

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