Full Stack Developer Vs Mean Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer Vs Mean Stack Developer


There are two sides to every website you see on the internet. The first side is the one you see which is known as the front-end development. This includes designing the web and understanding its interface. The second side is the background work done to manage data which is known as the back-end development. It is concerned with server-side programming and databases.

In order to run a website effectively, you must invest and understand both of these areas. A website will not look good if it lacks proper front-end development. In a similar way, if it lacks back-end development, it will be unable to process the website’s data. Both of these areas are extremely complex. As a result, it is important to understand these areas of web development.

Professionals who are adept at managing both of these areas of a website are known as full-stack developers. They are well versed in a variety of programming tools and languages. These tools aid web developers to create websites more quickly. One of these tools is the MEAN Stack.

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Development refers to a set of programming tools and languages that a web developer learns in order to work on the front-end and back-end aspects of a website. Full-stack does not have to be limited to a specific set of languages. As a full-stack developer, you’ll need to learn multiple web development languages as well as a few web design concepts. A Full Stack Developer Course in Basel Angular prior knowledge based on certain technologies. Some of these tools and technologies include:

  1. Programming a database like MongoDB, SQLite, and MySQL.
  2. js, Python, ASP, PHP.
  3. Vue, Angular JS, or JavaScript.
  4. CSS
  5. HTML

To learn these programming tools, you can always join a full stack development course and undergo full stack development training. During the training, you will even learn about some responsibilities that full-stack developers need to have. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Building an entire web application from the beginning and ensuring there is no gap during the development process
  • Having an idea of the complete structure of the design and handling it during any level of the development process
  • Understand how to use advanced technologies and tools faster than anyone else
  • Focusing on solutions and problems and having the capability to fix them easily.

It is equally important to look at a few benefits of full stack development. Some of these benefits include:

  1. All the techniques involved in the development project can be mastered
  2. Developers will be able to create a prototype fast
  3. Providing help to every single team member
  4. Helps to decrease the project cost
  5. Reduces the communication of each team member
  6. Developers can shift from front end development to back end development based on what is required
  7. Easily understand new and upcoming aspects of technologies and techniques.

MEAN Stack Developer

A MEAN stack developer refers to a professional who works towards developing web applications with the help of JavaScript tools and technologies. MEAN is generally referred to as:

M- MongoDB

E- Express

A- Angular

N- Node.js

MEAN stack development helps create a website in a simple and fast way. It uses a single uniform language which helps in creating applications rapidly. The multiple tools and technologies used in this segment help to organize the entire application. Any unwanted groundwork can be avoided by using MEAN stack development. Some benefits of using MEAN stack development include:

  • They help to wrap up the entire web development cycle starting from the front end to the back end development. They do this with the help of a set of JavaScrip libraries.
  • Help to control the entire process of web development smoothly. They mainly support the MVC (Model-View-Control) architecture.
  • Initiates testing tools with a built-in comprehensive suite
  • Uses less memory as overhead
  • Develops applications rapidly
  • Help to clear any unwanted bugs during the development process
  • Ensures to keep the web application entirely organized
  • The database of Mongo is used for cloud storage

Full Stack Developer vs MEAN Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer refers to the developer, while MEAN Stack Developer is an abbreviation for the full-stack framework. They are both extremely popular. However, there are certain differences between the two developers, some of these include:

  • MEAN Stack is an acronym used to develop websites. Whereas Full Stack is not an acronym and includes front-end development and back-end development.
  • In the MEAN stack development, developers are largely encouraged to use the Angular Front end framework to make work easier. While, in the full stack development course, developers may use any type of front-end technologies starting from any front-end development frameworks.
  • MEAN stack developers are authorized to use node.js to write the server code in JavaScript. However, Full stack developers have the authority to use robust server-side programming languages.
  • MEAN stack developers use one only type of database which is MongoDB. On the other hand, full-stack developers have multiple databases to work with such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and so on.
  • In the MEAN stack development enterprises, developers can stimulate full-stack development by writing two sides of the JavaScript programming code. While in the full-stack development enterprises, developers have the capability to get the front-end development and the back-end development at once.
  • MEAN stack development usually means a full-stack development framework. On the other hand, Full-stack development generally means that the full stack development process is based on the technologies mentioned.


Full Stack Developer and MEAN Stack Developer are both interesting fields. Both of these domains are in high demand. MEAN stack developers have a stronger grasp on projects related to JavaScript while Full Stack Developers have a deeper understanding. As a result, gaining an understanding of both of them benefits the company. With the help of full-stack development training, candidates will be able to understand all the roles and responsibilities of a full-stack developer.

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