ID Verification in Online Gaming – An Ultimate Solution to Eradicate Cybercriminals

ID Verification in Online Gaming - An Ultimate Solution to Eradicate Cybercriminals

As the world is changing at a high pace, it has opened doors for many technologies to emerge especially in the online gaming sector. Games have been mostly linked as a source of entertainment for both adolescents and elders. New techniques have been launched on the online gaming sites through which criminal activities are carried out which leads the gamers to get themselves trapped in frauds and scams frequently. Fake profiles, unauthorized breaching into credit card credentials for illegal in-game purchases have increased creating a halt in the player’s gaming experience.

Age and Identity Verification Solutions for Online Gaming

With the process of Know Your Customer (KYC) swiftly and steadily rising, it can benefit the gaming developers through identity verification in online games. It can detect the true identity of the clients before any transaction activity is conducted. Bounding the kids from accessing the age-restricted gaming websites of gambling and betting through age verification in gaming can prove to be very beneficial for market developers. Moreover, there are various scam artists who can be detected and eliminated before they even enter the gaming platform. 

Anonymity Causing Troubles for Gamers 

A new trend in online games has been seen in which users keep their profiles anonymous or use fake names. Due to this, users are unable to detect with whom they are playing or chatting online in the gaming platform which can cause many troubles for them in the future. This feature can prove to be very dangerous especially for minors as they can be easily tricked into doing illegal actions by fraudsters. Therefore, there is a significant need for ID verification in online gaming.

Dire Need to Deal with Gaming and Gambling Scams 

Whether users are seen playing games on a website or on their mobile phones, they are can be tricked by scammers at any moment of the game. In order to reduce fraud in online gaming, market developers first need to understand what types of gaming crimes could rise.

Cheating through Fake IDs

Consumers might think that they are talking to a friend via their profile, while in reality, it might happen that there is a stranger who might be faking as their friend. Scammers can trick users into buying cheat codes and as soon as the players send the money, the seller disappears out of nowhere without even fulfilling the required request made by the player. 

Premium Versions Hiding Fees 

 A lot of games are seen offering a free version of games for a limited amount of time, after which they ask for money to be paid in order to gain access to all features. Even after paying the required amount, there is a further requirement set to deduct the monthly or annual fee from the accounts of users even if the user has not opened the game for many days. 

Third-Party Sites and Malware 

A lot of scammers convince customers in downloading games which are infected with malware. They have hidden malicious code in such a way that the players think that they are downloading a legitimate game. The occurrence of advertisements leading to third-party sites containing malware is a common practice used by fraudsters in games. Once the malware gets installed on the devices, the cybercriminals can get access to the private information of the users which can be misused in illegal actions.

Misusing Stolen Credentials

As a lot of users do not use different passwords for each gaming website from the need to remembering each and every one of them, they tend to use a common password for all sites. Once scammers hack the password for a specific website, they can get access to their accounts in order to purchase fraudulent items from the gaming market. 

Online Gaming Verification with KYC

Through the process of KYC and AML gaming verification, identities are verified leading to generate results about the potential risks and actions which the individual might be related to somehow which could range from being involved in money-laundering, terrorist funding, and corruption activities. Especially for the online casinos to be operated in a lawful way, gaming, and gambling sites can provide a more secure experience through the use of age verification in gaming. 

Wrapping it Up

In this complex world, gaming developers need to find adequate online gaming safety measures to ensure a hassle-free gaming experience for all types of users. Identity online games provide a safer environment for users to enjoy playing games without the fear of getting attacked by cybercriminals. Identity verification for online gaming has caused numerous benefits along with some drawbacks. Gaming developers need to find a balance so that the financial risk of losing customers due to bad gaming experiences can be minimized. Lastly, no technology, no matter how many benefits it provides, can be totally termed foolproof. So constant monitoring on the IDs of the new customers who are onboarding should be done on a daily basis to avoid any disruptions.

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