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When the strategy for Triple Double Bonus 사설토토사이트Poker is compared to that of Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker, you will see that three-of-a-kind hands that contain specific kickers take on a more significant role in the game.

While the rewards for four aces + 2 4 and four 2s 4s + A 4 have been increased, you need to make minor tweaks to your approach to increase your chances of acquiring these hands.

Very High Levels of Randomness in Video Poker

We’ve gone over how the increased rewards for사설토토사이트 four of a kind make Triple Double Bonus Poker a fun and thrilling game to play. What are some drawbacks to playing this particular form of video poker that we discussed earlier?

Because of the unique benefits

Because of the unique benefits of getting four of a kind, the more significant winnings result in reduced payouts for getting three of a kind. This is how you pay for the big wins.

These hands earn you three coins from Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus, and Triple Double Bonus, respectively, but only two currencies from Triple Double Bonus.


Compared to the improbable outcomes of four aces, two fours (0.007%), four two fours, and an ace (0.01%), you have a 7.37 percent chance of getting three of a kind on each of your turns. Because the payouts for three of a kind are lower, you will need to exercise patience and play a significant number of hands before you can reap the full benefits of the Triple Double Bonus. Even 9/7 Triple Double Bonus Poker delivers a payback that is less than 100% discourages many players from continuing to play for the lengthy periods required to hit the infrequent bonus payouts.

If you do decide to play this game, you need a sizable bankroll to ensure that you can withstand the fluctuation that results from the reduced payouts for three of a kind. Players who enjoy the complex strategy of video poker and the thrill of chasing jackpot-like prizes will find Triple Double Bonus Poker an appealing game option.

You can win 4,000 coins if you bet on five coins and get a royal flush, four aces, and a kicker of two or four. You can earn 2,000 coins by matching four 2s, 4s, and a 4 in a row. In its most basic form, Triple Double Bonus can be considered an advanced combination of Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.

Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage to playing for these larger payouts: you will only receive two coins for the more common three of a kind.

As video poker is already a game known for its high levels of volatility, we prefer to avoid dealing with even more significant swings in the odds. You should give Triple Double Bonus a shot if the prospect of winning three significant payouts from a single game of video poker piques your interest. How to Play Triple Bonus Poker Video Poker How to Play Video Poker Video Poker

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