Stop Believing These Water Purifier Myths Today

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Clean and purified water is the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to consume clean water in adequate quantities. Water helps in the functions of the body and maintains body temperature. Any imbalance in the water content can cost health.

People tend to hold many myths and false information regarding water and its health benefits. Not all facts about water are true. Some are exaggerated. 

Boiled Water Is Better Than Purifier Water: False

It is wrong to think boiled water is 1005 safe for drinking. Get a RO service near me in Lucknow to have safe drinking water at home. Boiling water can only purify water to a lesser extent. However, this method is insufficient to eliminate all the contaminants from the water.

Water has heavy and dangerous contaminants like lead, mercury, arsenic and chlorine. These elements and free radicals can cause permanent damage to health. Using water purifiers helps to remove these impurities.  The RO and UV properties of the water purifier give families sterilised and pure water free from all microbes and particles.  

Purifiers Negates Effects Of Nutrients: False

People may have heard that water purifiers tend to remove the contribution of natural nutrients. However, this is false. Cleaning and purifying the water in the RO water system through reverse osmosis may remove a few elements, but it does not take away the nutritional benefit of water. The water still retains its nutritional value even when you treat it from the water purifier service in Lucknow.

RO Process Is Slow

This myth about the RO process and its efficiency is a little truth in some parts. RO is not a slow process. However, some parts of the process are true. RO is the best and most trusted method to purify water.

Groundwater contains high radical levels. They even have a high TDS content. RO is the most effective method to eliminate all these free radicals. RO purifiers have a huge capacity. They can purify almost 60 litres of water daily. Their storage tanks do not allow anyone to run out of water. 

Activated Carbon Is Better: False

Activated carbon cannot detoxify water better than RO purifiers. The RO process effectively eliminates heavy metal impurities, contaminants, and radicals. They can effectively remove lead and arsenic. 

On the other hand, activated carbon in the filters can remove sediments and organic contaminants. However, they cannot remove the chemicals and the TDS from the water.

The best the carbon filter can do is ensuring that the RO water purifier works effectively. It can ensure the water will taste good. The process takes time but is highly efficient and helps to maintain good health.

Water Purifiers Are Expensive: False

False information and exaggerated advertisements can make one think that water purifier is expensive. However, most water purifiers come in an affordable range. The RO water purifiers are quite affordable. They are the best to get clean and contaminant-free water.

Purifiers Are High Maintenance: Depends

The maintenance of a water purifier depends on the water quality in the designated areas. Many places have excellent water quality. In other places, the iron or solvent or contaminants is too high. The purifier will last, depending on how clean or polluted the water is. 

Servicing of the purifier gets usually suggested at six to twelve months. But it is less for places with high toxin levels in their water. The RO water purifier system can get toxic if it is not cleaned regularly. 

If one properly avails the regular maintenance of their water purifier, it will save one costly repairs or another purchase. 

One must get the service provider to come in and check the water purifying system at regular intervals. Proper servicing will ensure that the water purifier lasts for the year. Not only that, but it also will deliver good quality water that is beneficial for the health of all.

Water Purifier Has Low Pressure: False

A water purifier releases water depending on the water volume and pressure. RO works best at a pressure of 40 to 60 PSI. If the water pressure is low, it could be a malfunction in the storage tank. Cleaning the air bladder of the purifier will release the water more efficiently. More pressure, more water release.

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