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Supermicro is an information technology company based in San Jose, California, United States specializing in designing and manufacturing servers and motherboards. Supermicro is headquartered in San Jose’s Silicon Valley. Supermicro started with a vision to build the most reliable servers in the industry. In their over 25-year history, they have achieved this with an ironclad commitment to quality for every product we make – from our expertise in system engineering design to stringent testing procedures on all parts of the server life cycle.

  1. Services Offered

Supermicro provides a wide range of products, services, and solutions to customers. Supermicro competes in the industrial and small form factor server market with robust server solutions in sizes ranging from single-board computers to many rack-mount servers. Supermicro is also well known for its high-performance x86 motherboards. They offer Server solutions to customers in the Cloud Data Center, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Embedded, Industrial and Military markets. Super micro is backed by deep learning solutions for efficient operation.

  1. Products

Supermicro provides customers with server motherboards and other equipment under different product brands. They offer customers high-performance server motherboards, such as their “SYS-5028D-TN4T” and their “SYS-5028R-TN4R”. Supermicro also offers a server motherboard powered by Intel Socket RSTe processors. The company also has products that are specifically designed for applications in the embedded world. Security is another critical area of Supermicro’s focus, seen in their designs for industrial control systems, medical devices, and avionics.

Super Micro Computer Inc. is a publicly traded multinational data-center equipment manufacturer headquartered in San Jose, California. The company is known for its brand Supermicro and its server chips. They carry on their shoulders the legacy of former Intel supplier Chassis Italia SRL (founded by the paper engineer Carlo Meletti), who had been acquired by the Intel Corporation in 1990 and became the division name Chassis Italia. Super Micro Computer Inc. has always been known for its support of Linux, Open Source, and HPC culture.

  1. History

Supermicro was founded by Charles Liang, Rick Ho, and Ted To. They took their first leap into the server market by introducing their SuperBlade servers and integrated blade enclosure, which combines hardware and software resources for optimal performance and reliability. Supermicro became a vendor for ILO (Integrated Lights Out) management technology, Deep learning solution giving customers another way to remotely manage and control servers from any network-connected Web browser. By 2007 Supermicro had become the first server OEM to achieve ISO 9001 certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

  1. presentation on 2015

Supermicro sent 30,000 MicroBlade servers to a Silicon Valley data center. Since its inception in 1993, Supermicro has been a leader in the blade server market space, with a single focus on delivering more capabilities and performance in high-density server technologies. They have embraced the latest innovations with deep learning solution and industry standards to provide unparalleled scalability and efficiency to their customers. Supermicro designs, manufactures, sells, and supports low-power, high-density solutions that deliver exceptional performance. The company comprises a diverse team of employees across the United States, Asia, and Europe. They support over 700 partners worldwide intouch with deep learning solution.

Supermicro is a provider of high-performance and efficient servers based in San Jose, California. With the highest market cap, they are one of the leading companies in the high-performance server market. They have attained great fame among deep learning solution, and their product R S is a great way to put this in perspective. Supermicro sells 1 million dollars per year, and as per the information provided by Supermicro for 2015, they must be a fantastic player in this market.

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