The Best All in one Keyboard: Redragon K552 RGB Keyboard

With clicky tactile switches and a TenKeyLess design that is both simple and functional, the Redragon K552 KUMARA RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is a solid choice for mechanical gaming. Its remarkable build quality, as well as its excellent RGB lighting and individually-backlit keys, puts it on par with keyboards that cost twice as much as this one. Unfortunately, there aren’t many more functions on the keyboard, and the clicky Outema Blue switches are quite noisy, making it a poor choice for businesses with limited noise levels. However, given its low price, it remains a viable alternative for those searching for a basic mechanical keyboard that delivers great performance at an affordable price.

Redragon K552 KUMARA RGB Picture

The Redragon K552 is a good gaming keyboard. The clicky Outemu Blue switches are satisfying and responsive, and they have a short pre-travel distance. Unfortunately, the latency is only mediocre, and without software support, gamers won’t be able to set macros or reprogram keys. The full RGB backlighting is good for gaming in dark rooms, but it doesn’t offer the same customization as a keyboard with companion software.

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  • Build quality feels great.
  • Low pre-travel distance.
  • Full RGB lighting with Individually-backlit keys.
  • No customization software.
  • Mediocre latency.
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