The Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2022

Web design is all about anticipating and planning for the future. As a result of its association with technology, the digital domain has the potential to serve as a showcase for new developments in animation, interactivity, and total immersion on an annual basis. And, as we’ll see in the following web design trends, the year 2022 holds a lot of potential for the future of online design.

A resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s is occurring, typography is taking center stage, and live animation is reaching new heights. Visual styles, on the other hand, range from mind-bending high-tech to whimsically handcrafted in their appeal.

All things considered, the year 2022 is shaping up to be a diversified and experimental entry in the annals of digital history. But first, let’s take a look ahead to 2022 and the nine unique web design 網頁設計公司 trends that will emerge during that year.

1. Memphis design

Web page design for blockchain with abstract memphis design patterns

As one of the defining aesthetics of the 1980s, Memphis design is sometimes characterized as a garish style, consisting of a large number of chaotic patterns and shapes juxtaposed together. The Memphis design movement was a rejection of minimalism, as well as the alleged elevated tastes of art critics. It resulted in a design that was both more colorful, approachable, and experimental than it had previously been.

Especially relevant now, when minimalistic techniques have resulted in a sea of interfaces that (although intuitive) are overwhelmingly identical in their design. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many web designers are turning to Memphis design for an explosion of vibrant personality that visitors will not quickly forget.

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2. The hero image in typography

Typography focused hero image for web design

The hero picture, which is the first section of a website that visitors see, must provide a strong first impression. That is something that the web designers of 2022 are taking to heart, as evidenced by hero images that are dominated by typography.

These hero sections essentially decrease or eliminate graphics entirely in order to allow the message to carry the majority of the first impression’s weight on its own merits. These hero sections are forceful in their simplicity, rather than coming across as sparse or uninteresting. They are able to capture the attention of readers in the same way that a compelling news headline does. They also serve as a wonderful showcase for a variety of innovative lettering styles that are both tasteful and original.

3. Retro-revolutionary thinking

90s retro web design for educational site

Even as the inception of the World Wide Web becomes an increasingly distant memory, the next generation of web designers is drawing inspiration from the Wild West days of the late 1990s and early 2000s. During the 1990s, the so-called Web 1.0 was distinguished by its use of bright backdrop colors, apparent table layouts, and robotic typefaces such as Courier.

This trend was revived in 2022 by web designers who had a combined 30 years of design expertise, despite the catastrophic and frequently funny effects of its implementation in the previous decade.

The internet in the 1990s was a showcase for gimmicks, graphics, and colours that were unneeded at the time. It was also a time when the rules had not yet been written—when “web designer” was not even a recognised profession. The designers who have come up since, who have been restrained by industry standards, now regard those early days as a fertile ground for unfettered innovation (for better, or worse).

4. Borders that are clearly visible

Homepage web design for automotive dealership

Web design enjoys creating a sense of magic—or, at the very least, the illusion that the content is beautifully arranged by an invisible hand, floating freeform in digital space—in the user’s mind. However, in practise, websites are designed on a precise grid and are kept together using code to ensure that they function properly. Simple borders and frames will be used to disclose the layout’s base in 2022, as web designers strive to make their work a little more honest and authentic.

The obvious advantage of having a visible grid is that it makes it easier to distinguish one part from another. This makes it easier to scan the page while also allowing for more content to be included without the page feeling crowded. Websites with these simple borders also have a subtle, nostalgic feel to them, which goes nicely with other 90s-adjacent trends that are making a resurgence.

5. Interactives that are both entertaining and educational

Brutalist web page design for candle shop

Over the years, we’ve seen websites take their animation showcases to new and exciting levels of technological innovation. Even while in the past, these have primarily been used in hero parts and page transitions, we expect to see an increase in the use of large-scale animated interactions in the year 2022.

One of the most important aspects of the trend is to create a sense of mystery—for example, the tiny black cube that follows your cursor on LEQB’s website or the conspicuously absent navigation on the website of Chiara Luzzana—and then invite the visitor to engage in a specific type of interaction to learn how the page works. This results in innovative experiences that make visitors feel more like detectives, actively poking and prodding the page in order to unearth its hidden mysteries.

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