Top 5 Men Dress Shoes for you complete formal look

Top 5 Men Dress Shoes for you complete formal look

A right pair of shoes can change the complete look of your whole outfit. It can take you from basic to a pretty high level. In the case of Men, for a formal look, dress shoes are the ideal option. Even if your outfit is not formal and you are just wearing a basic shirt and pants, dress shoes can make your look sophisticated. And men’s dress shoes come in a variety of styles and types at a wide range of prices.

Men dress shoes in Pakistan:

There are so many brands in Pakistan which make the best footwear for men. And this footwear comes in so many styles. Whether you want something to wear to complete your casual look or a formal look, Pakistani footwear brands have got you covered. Some of these brands are Borjan, Hush Puppies, Bata, Servis, Metro, Unze London, and Urbansiole etc. Other than these brands, there are also some major fashion retailers in Pakistan for example Laam, which have a very good collection of footwear for men as well as women. So whatever category of footwear you are looking for, either men’s dress shoes, sneakers, loafers or sliders, you can find it easily.

Types of Men dress shoes:

Dress shoes remain ageless and work with almost any style of clothing you wear. Whether that style is formal, casual, or anything in between, there would definitely be a kind of dress shoes which would let you pull off your required look.

Pakistani footwear brands are always on the road to stay updated according to the latest fashion trends and styles. Here are top 5 men’s dress shoes which you should definitely have in your cupboard.

  • Oxfords
  • Loafers
  • Derbies
  • Monkstraps
  • The Chukka


When shopping for men’s dress shoes, oxfords are undeniably an excellent option to consider. These are quite simple shoes, yet they are so versatile that you can wear these anywhere. They can be fashioned pretty nicely, depending on the color and the style that you choose. They have a long toe and low heels. It is available in a total of four distinct styles, but the cap toe oxford is by far the most popular option.


Loafers are perhaps the most stylish and popular shoes for men as well as women of our generation. And not just for their easy slip-on comfort, but also for the privilege that they can be paired with any kind of outfit. In short, loafers are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe and they are going to be in trend for a long time at least as you can pull off any look in them and they can be worn in any season.

These are the kind of footwear that you can find in mens’ dress shoes collection and also the casual footwear collection of a brand. Leather loafers are considered to be worn for more of a formal look. You can find a wide variety of loafers in many different kinds of styles and designs from mens’ footwear brands like Bata, Borjan, Urbansole etc, especially urbansole has the most amazing collection of casual as well as formal loafers.


Derbies are almost similar in look to oxfords. But they are considered to be quite more comfortable than the oxfords. A plain set of derby shoes can be worn for a formal as well as casual look. You can also find quite sophisticated designs in derbies. Derbies are quite common in Pakistan. You can find a large variety of derbies in almost all Pakistan’s footwear brands for men.

Chukka Boots:

Chukka Boots are the nicest-looking shoes among all the mens’ dress shoes. It is also quite popular among young people. These are the kind of shoes you can wear in both extremes, for a casual laid-back look, or even to your office meeting. They come in a variety of styles and colors. You can find these ones very easily from any footwear brand.

These dress shoes are the staples of a mens’ wardrobe. You can get these online from any brand’s website.

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