Top Companies In Pottsville To Look Out For In 2022 

It’s 2022, and the world is growing out of the pandemic and spreading its wings. This has led to numerous cities becoming the hub of employment and creativity. One such city is Pottsville. If you’re a resident of Pottsville, then there are serious job opportunities to explore in this beautiful city. 

It’s no wonder that Pottsville, Pennsylvania, is home to some very great businesses. The state has world-class infrastructure and moderate living costs. It has arts and cultural initiatives, family-friendly activities and facilities, and more. What more could a recruiting manager want than kind, intelligent, and well-educated employees?

So, what are the best jobs you can find here? Read on to discover some of the top places in Pottsville where anyone would want to work. 

What Are The Best Companies In Pottsville In 2022? 

Here are the four top companies in Pottsville based on research reviews: 


STV is a multi-award-winning professional services organization. They routinely rank among the best in the nation in education, correctional facilities, roads, and mass transportation. Their workers’ devotion to quality and excellence is directly responsible for their success. STV’s professional, technical, and support people serve a diverse and growing customer base across the United States and Canada.

Transit, infrastructure, design-build, academic, corporate, and military customers all benefit from STV. They are a quality-driven, client-focused company with a vision for the future. It was founded more than 105 years ago. 

STV is the place to be if you want to work for an industry pioneer in a fulfilling role. They allow employees to work on intriguing projects that would enable them to expand their knowledge and abilities. If you deal with chemicals and metal, STV would be an ideal fit for you. Along with technical jobs, STV employs consultants and managers for various projects. If you’re a resident of Pottsville, don’t miss out on exploring STV inc. You can also check the news blog for the latest updates.


EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a nationwide workforce improvement, talent management, and consulting firm. It is dedicated to helping great businesses and communities hire and retain outstanding people. The firm was founded in 1979 and is located in Dearborn, Michigan. It employs over 800 individuals around the nation. EDSI has been awarded several times for its efforts in the United States.  

This firm checks and evaluates workforce development requirements and delivers solutions. It has created better workforces for over 40 years and has teamed with workforce improvement organizations, regional partners, and businesses.

The organization has more than 70 contracts around the nation, delivering profitable business services and employment placement and retention services. Moreover, this is an ISO 9001-certified firm that is dedicated to quality.  

EDSI has open positions as a counsel specialist and several managerial and accountant positions. If you see yourself as a consultant or a manager in a trusted organization, EDSI is your place. 

Reed Smith:

Reed Smith is a legal company that represents various businesses in high-stakes action. It also manages international and other strategic deals and critical regulatory problems. It employs over 1,800 attorneys in 26 US, Europe, Asia, and the Gulf Region.

The company serves Fortune 100 companies and mid-market and developing firms worldwide. Reed Smith provides clients with worldwide insights and local market information as an international legal company.

The firm offers top skills centered on fast-evolving global businesses ranging from financial services to health sciences and energy to entertainment. This legal firm was established in 1877 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

If you’re not an attorney, you can work at Reed smiths in Pottsville. They are looking for IT personnel with an excellent technical background for their office work. They are also looking for customer care executives. It will help them diversify and expand their business. 

Air Products:

Air Products have a positive impact on the lives of people all around the world. They serve clients across a wide variety of sectors. These clients come from food services to health and private services to energy. Besides that, they also deal in transit and semiconductors, with 18,900 people and operations in over 40 countries. They provide various gases to manufacturing firms. It includes atmospheric, industrial, and technical gases, performance materials, technology, and services. 

Refinery hydrogen, LNG technology and equipment, adhesive compounds, gas cabinets, sophisticated coatings, and sealants are all manufactured by Air Products. It is also known for its personal care chemicals industry and tackling hydrogen fuel cell efficiency via hydrogen fuelling stations. 

Air Products and Chemicals, based in Pennsylvania, is a market leader. It collaborates with 19,275 people. The revenue of this firm is estimated at $8.9 billion in yearly sales. If you’re a mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineer, Air products could be your second home in Pottsville.

They are also searching for trusted truck drivers to help them transport their manufactured goods. 


Pottsville has a great deal to offer individuals to start their careers. If you wish to get a job and settle permanently in Pottsville, the firms mentioned above are some of the most outstanding prospects. To work for one of these top organizations, you must watch for employment openings and improve your expertise. 

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