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Utilizing an action camera to film videography is often accompanied by issues, one of them being the quality of sound. Many adventurers and action sport videographers who utilize action cameras to record their adventures have complained of recording with poor sound quality using internal microphones. It is unclear if there are ways to enhance audio quality while recording with an action camera?

With the correct action camera microphone attachment, you can connect an external microphone to your action camera to get better audio quality when filming. What are the best ways to locate and set up the microphone accessories for an action camera? This guide will cover everything you need learn.

Our Review of the Top 5 Action Camera Microphone Attachments

1. GoPro Media Mod for Hero 10 & 9

GoPro Media mod is an accessory for the newest GoPro Action cameras: Hero 10 and Hero 9. As many action camera owners prefer to utilize the latest GoPro devices, this gadget is our top pick for accessory microphones for action cameras.

Here’s an explanation of how this mod operates. It’s a weatherproof case that is designed to accommodate the Hero camera’s body. It has an USB type-C USB connector that acts as an audio input for the camera. Also, on one end of this model is the built-in directional microphone that is able to record sounds from the back or front depending on the setting.

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It is possible to switch between the back and front microphones on the GoPro. The back screen functions as an indicator since it shows audio levels when you speak into the microphone. The GoPro mod comes with an audio windscreen that assists in reducing ambient noise during outdoor shooting.

As a whole on its own, it’s a great mod on its own. GoPro Media Mod is a fantastic audio enhancement that works with Hero Action cameras. However, you can enjoy better audio quality by using external microphones using the 3.5mm microphone port. It is compatible with standard microphones as well as powered microphones. It even comes with two cold-shoe mountings at the top of the unit to keep microphones from other sources in place.

2.GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter

If you have an old GoPro action camera, such as those with the Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, or Hero 5, then, this is the camera microphone accessory for you. Pro Mic adapter Pro Mic adapter is an OEM accessory for GoPro Action cameras. It includes an USB-C outlet, which is connected to your camera, and the stereo converter head 106dB that connects to the microphone Jack.

The 3.5mm audio microphone port can be used for microphones, or as a line input to audio from other sources such as mixers. The USB-C connection on the camera acts as the data transfer path as well as the source of power for the head of the converter. Thus, it is possible to utilize both normal and powered microphones using this device. You’ll also have crisp clear audio when recording your videos.

It is possible to connect the GoPro Pro Action Camera Protector Cases can be linked to a source of sound using the USB input on the head of the converter. The device is known for its ability to amplify and deliver high-quality sound that is low in noise. One suggestion to use effectively is to turn off your GoPro camera before connecting the adapter to an external microphone or source of sound already connected. This will ensure that the camera recognizes that it is a source of sound and will not have connectivity issues.

3. CYNOVA Osmo Action Dual 3.5mm USB-C Mic Adapter

Its Cynova mic adapter from DJI is their official mic accessory that is compatible with Osmo camera action. As with it’s Pro Mic adapter for GoPros the Cynova microphone adapter includes an 3.5mm microphone port as well as an USB-C port too. The design of this adapter is rather bulky but it’s not likely add any unnecessary weight to your camera setup.

The Cynova adapter, you are able to connect any external microphone using any of your DJI Osmo camera that have an USB-C port. After connecting, you can select the type of microphone that is connected, whether you want a traditional or powered microphone. The mic jack connects via the 3.5mm port, and the USB input allows for transfer of media. Videographers can also hear clear audio from other audio sources such as an audio mixer or sound card. Additionally, they can transfer media images from the camera to the computer.

4. Movo MC4 TRRS to TRS Adapter

The issue for many videographers arises because their camera’s microphone does not fit into the adaptor port of their camera. It’s not just about the 3.5-millimeter length of the jack, but also the number of sections that are connected. This is the point where the TRS and TRRS audio jacks are in the picture. However, with this connector you don’t have to fret about it, since you can connect any 3.5mm connector to your camera via this microphone accessory.

The product is likely to not be able to work on its own with your camera, so you must find a suitable microphone accessory that has a 3.5-millimeter accessory input. It is then possible to connect the TRRS jack of your microphone to one of the ports for females on this connector.

With the gold-plated ends of this microphone, you will experience less interference and the distortion of the sound. The quality of the sound from the microphone will be maintained. This is perfect for videographers that take care to use external microphones that are of excellent quality, both non-fitting and fitting jacks.

5. Movo PMA-1 DJI Osmo Pocket External Sound Adapter

To finish off our list of microphones that can be attached to action cameras, we’ve got this Movo PMA-1 DJI sound adaptor external to the camera. As the description on the product indicates, it’s probably the least expensive microphone available in the market. But, despite that the quality of the sound provided through this device is clear.

The manufacturer suggests that this connector be used. With DJI Osmo pocket cameras many users have used this connector on other cameras, and some have had positive reviews. It’s particularly true for the DJI Osmo action camera and a few old GoPro Hero cameras, a couple of Akaso camera action models, as well as other cameras.

At one end of the microphone adapter, there is an additional input that connects 3.5mm microphones. On the other side is it has a USB type-C plug that plugs to the port for cameras. This adapter works well with a several microphones externally provided the connection is made correctly. It is best used using regular microphones.

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