Cristiano Ronaldo’s bright return


In the recent Europa League match Manchester United met with Sheriff, in the 5th round of the group stage. This match turned out to be fruitful for the English team, 3-0 in favor of Manchester United. In the match Cristiano Ronaldo, who was back in the main team, scored.

From the outset, the match followed the scenario of the Red Devils, but failed to score many goals in the first half. Diogo Dalot scored the first goal of the match just in the end. The second half also began with an all-out nomination by Ten Hague’s team. Midway through the second half, Marcus Reschforge doubled his team’s lead.

At the end of the 2nd half, Ronaldo scored the last goal of the encounter. The Portuguese played competently in the opponent’s penalty area and scored the cherished goal after a header from his teammate. In the first match after the scandal, Ronaldo again loudly announced himself, even though this goal did not decide anything in this meeting.

Manchester United will play the last 6th round against Real Sociedad. In this match, we should probably expect Cristiano to be in the starting lineup. To make watching this match more interesting, you can go to the best soccer betting site.

Recall that Cristiano was relegated to the second team after his behavior in the match against Tottenham. In that match, the player refused to come on as a substitute and left the stadium before the final whistle. In addition to his suspension for the match with Chelsea, the player had to pay a fine. The player reacted immediately to the suspension. In his social networks, the player admitted that at that moment his emotions took over him. According to the head coach, Ronaldo will return to the squad only if he apologizes to his teammates.

The player apologized to the team and immediately began training with the main players. It is reported that the player plans to gain his former form and begin to actively gain performance points in matches. In the Premier League Portuguese comes out quite rarely, much more playing time the player spends in the Europa League.

For the team the victory over Sherif was important, because now they guaranteed themselves the Euro Cup spring in the Europa League. In five five games the team scored 12 points. Therefore, the final match against the Spanish team does not matter in the group, in fact, it will be a battle for 1st place. The 6th round match will be played on November 3 in Spain.

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