How Snacking on Almonds Can Give You Healthy and Glowing Skin

According to a recent poll performed by Tech Tranche between December 7-22, a research consulting organization, 72% of women in India believe that making good dietary adjustments is a necessary step toward having beautiful skin. Women around the country are aware of the intimate connection between nutrition and skin health. The food we consume is just as vital as the skincare products we use, as healthy glowing skin is difficult to obtain even with the most rigorous skincare regimen. It is obvious in the poll that consumers’ preferences are shifting toward a healthy lifestyle and natural alternatives to common foods.

Overall, the results indicate that the majority of females choose to snack on healthy and nutritious foods such as almonds and fruits, owing to their awareness of the aesthetic benefits of fruits in general and almonds in particular. In terms of keeping a healthy diet, the majority of women recognize the value of having beautiful-looking skin through homemade meals, a fiber-rich diet, and nibbling on nuts such as almonds. Almonds have risen to prominence as a favorite among Indian women, who link Vitamin E with improved skin health. Additionally, the poll reveals that 59% of women consume almonds on a daily basis, usually soaking or uncooked. As a result, almonds are the most often consumed nut.

Females in the 30-39 age bracket and Millennials place a premium on almonds for wrinkle reduction, skin shine, and skin protection. Whereas Generation X strongly correlates almond eating with wrinkle reduction. This evaluation is bolstered by their personal experience, as they report observing beneficial effects on the skin following almond consumption. Indeed, people who have consumed almonds for more than six months report more beneficial effects such as skin radiance and younger-looking skin than those who recently began ingesting almonds.

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Sheela Krishnaswamy, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, commented on the poll’s findings, “It’s encouraging to see survey results demonstrating a greater acceptance of the idea that a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, can improve one’s skin health.” I’ve been advocating almonds as a natural, healthful snack for years to promote skin health. Almonds are a good source of antioxidant vitamin E and also contain important fatty acids and polyphenols, making them an excellent choice. A recent study reveals consuming almonds may help alleviate facial wrinkles and skin tone, which validates survey respondents’ perception that almonds increase skin health. I strongly encourage women to incorporate them into their everyday diets to promote healthy skin.”

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