Home Remedies to Get Rid of Open Pours

Open pores detract from the beauty of the skin and damage its smooth porcelain appearance. They impart a thick and gritty texture to the skin. Open pores occur on oily skin or oily patches of combination skin as a result of the skin’s oil-producing glands being overactive. Constant oil gushing and plugged pores cause the pores to lose their flexibility, expanding them. The pores remain open over time. Keeping the pores clear of clogged oil contributes to the prevention of open pores. This can be accomplished by the use of skin toners, scrubs, and masks. Additionally, read – Discover How Snacking on Almonds Can Help You Maintain Healthy and Glowing Skin.

The following are some natural cures for open pores:

Ice Cubes: After cleansing the face, wrap ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply them for a few seconds at a time to regions with open pores. This aids in the closure of the pores. Additionally, read – 5 Skincare Ingredients You Must Include in Your Routine for Radiant and Glowing Skin

Lemon Juice: Astringents aid in pore closure. Lemon juice is astringent. Apply rose water and lemon juice in equal parts on the face. After ten minutes, rinse well with plain water. Rosewater is a natural tonic for the skin and it helps to seal the pores. Additionally, read – 3 Minutes Daily Face Exercises Before Bed

Egg Whites: Whip egg whites till stiff and apply to face, avoiding the lips. When it dries, wash it off. Egg whites help to control sebum production, wash the skin, and tighten it.

Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti): Make a paste of Fuller’s Earth and Rose Water and apply to the face, avoiding the lips and eye area. When it dries, wash it off. Reduces oiliness, tightens and refines pores, and cleanses and purifies the skin using Fuller’s Earth. Rose Water is beneficial for toning and tightening the pores.

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Yogurt: It aids in restoring the skin’s proper pH balance. Combine it with almond flour. Apply to the face and gently rub in small circular motions, paying specific attention to areas with open pores. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. This removes dead skin cells from the skin and maintains the pores clear of hardened oil. Brightens and exfoliates the skin. Additionally, yoghurt can be made into a paste with gramme flour (besan) and a pinch of turmeric and applied as a mask. When it dries, wash it off.

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