Listed below are the major sites in Ghana


A Major Site is a deliberate network that includes a variety of amenities, along with parks, schools, and network centers. The complete improvement procedure is regulated with the aid of using the Council-hired 메이저사이트 Monitoring Officer. The tracking officer additionally guarantees that developer contributions are paid and liaises with infrastructure providers. The Major System consists of plumbing, heating, electricity, and sanitary systems. It additionally consists of lead paint abatement and load-bearing structural systems.

Mohenjo Daro

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mohenjo-Daro is a charming archaeological web website online placed withinside the Sindh province of Pakistan. The historical web website online is part of the Indus Valley Civilization, the primary first-rate civilization of the Indian subcontinent. Its significance can’t be overstated for individuals who love archaeology and records. Despite being placed in Pakistan, Mohenjo-Daro has best been in part excavated, and there are nevertheless numerous unfinished degrees that ought to be excavated.

The meeting corridor is ninety X ninety ft, and pupils agree that it served as a social center. Houses also are similar, with courtyards, kitchens, and wells. Bricks had been used drastically and the right preparations for mild air are obvious in those homes. The websites of Mohenjo-Daro additionally stimulated Bollywood’s epic adventure-romance “Mohenjo-Daro.”

Larabanga Mosque

One of the oldest Moslem villages in Northern Ghana, Larabanga is domestic to the Kamara human beings. The place is domestic to extra than 5000 human beings, the maximum of whom earn their dwelling thru agriculture. If you are traveling the place, you may book accommodations or attend a storytelling consultation to find out about the wealthy records of the town. You also can go to Larabanga Mosque, one of the 메이저사이트in Alabang.

Larabanga Mosque is fabricated from dust and sticks and has 4 entrances, along with an area for the village leader to guide the Friday prayer. The dust and stick mosque is surrounded with the aid of using a big baobab tree, that is stated to be given to Imam Brama withinside the 1650s. The mosque is usually full, along with the Juma prayer, which pulls over one hundred human beings.

Tomb of Jahangir and Nur Jahan

The Tomb of Jahangir and Nur-Jahan turned into built throughout the reign of Shah Jahan and is taken into consideration as the best instance of the Mughal structure. It is a mausoleum with a lovely dome and is blanketed in floral marble inlay. The tomb has an arcade platform with 5 cupolas growing one hundred ft in height. The marble cenotaph at the pinnacle is inlaid with treasured stones.

The tomb of Jahangir and Nur-Jahan is devoted to the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. She married Jahangir withinside the 6th yr. of his reign and has become the fountainhead of authority withinside the Mughal court. This tomb took 4 years to finish and value at 3 lakh rupees. However, the monument lacks a right boundary, and the maximum of the place is utilized by nearby boys for cricket.


The enforcing Chauburji has a unique syncretic style, mixing factors of Mughal, Timurid, and Perso-Arabic styles, along with Persian tilework. Although a maximum of the inscriptions on Chonburi’s partitions were lost, one inscription can nevertheless be read: ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi.’ It is stated that the minarets of the Chauburji as soon had cupolas.

The construction is located on an excessive platform and turned into construction with the aid of using Babur in 1528. Its capabilities are two-tale octagonal turrets. In the past, it served as the doorway to a big garden. The shape is an excellent instance of the Mughal structure and a widespread landmark withinside the Lahore cityscape. The monument is likewise a widespread web website online for human beings from the encompassing place.

The monument is likewise domestic to a Mughal princess’ tomb and garden. Zeb-un-Nissa turned into the daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb. Zeb-un-Nissa turned into buried in Delhi, however, the British later burned the tomb. The monument is now covered with the aid of using the Archaeological Survey of India. Although the web website online is closely damaged, it’s far nevertheless well worth a go to in case you love records.

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