Top 3 Must Have Essential Watches

You may be reading this and wondering why on earth you would need three watches.
After all, you only have two wrists, and anyone who owns many watches is never completely certain of the time.
All valid points, but give us a chance to explain.

Possessing a collection of watches is less about collecting as it is about having the appropriate instrument for the job.
In our experience, the majority of individuals can comfortably get by with three unique sorts of watches, each of which serves a particular purpose (beyond telling the time).
We’ve named these three timepieces dress, diving, and daily for the sake of pleasing alliteration.

The wristwatch for formal occasions

A dress watch is a compact, uncomplicated timepiece (ideally in precious metal) worn on formal occasions, with suits and the like (though to be ultra-formal, apparently one should never wear a watch with black tie).

While this level of sartorial conformity may be irrelevant to many, there is much to be said for wearing a smart or sophisticated watch.
It’s the sort of stuff you’d wear to a wedding or similar event.

And, once again, while conventional wisdom regarding precious metals and proportions frequently does not apply, the adage “keep it simple” is worth remembering.
Not only would a slim time-only watch look nicer with a suit than a bulky chronograph, but it’s also a subtle (and almost psychological) method to commemorate a particular occasion.

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Daily Watch

This category is significantly more ambiguous than the others.
If dress and diving watches are for formal or casual events, a daily watch is for everything in between.

It’s your go-to watch – the one you grab when you leave the house.
And because its goal is the broadest, its style is also the broadest.
However, it should be a watch that goes with everything and can handle a little bit of everything.
Consider the wrist as a chameleon.

The Dive watch

Strictly speaking, a dive watch is a timepiece that is specifically built for diving.
This indispensable underwater instrument features adequate water resistance, excellent legibility, and dependability.
And, while the percentage of dive watches sold that are actually worn at depth is small, they remain one of the most popular watch styles available today.

Now, we’ve dubbed our second category the ‘diver’ for convenience’s sake (and alliteration), as it symbolises a purposeful type of watch. Because even if you never go near water, there are occasions when you want to wear a watch that is free of complications. Going to the gym, gardening, and going to the beach are all activities that I enjoy. These are all activities that require a more durable wristband.

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