Top 5 Facebook AD Tools to Save Time

Facebook advertisements can be time-consuming. We understand how difficult it may be to keep up with everything and handle everything. We love Facebook Ad tools because they make our work considerably easier. That’s why we’re such big supporters of Facebook Ad tools.

The past decade has seen an explosion of Facebook ad programs that claim to be able to do anything from assist you in creating beautiful photos to automate the process of ad optimization itself, all in one package! In this piece, we’ll take a look at nine of the top Facebook advertising applications and tools that may help you save time while also improving the quality of your ads all at the same time.

Facebook Ads Automation Tools are available on the internet.

For busy marketers, the word “automation” is a welcome relief, and fortunately, there are some amazing Facebook Ads automation products available on the market today. All are not made equal, so let’s take a brief look at them one by one.

1. AdEspresso (Advertising Espresso)

It goes without saying that we must begin with AdEspresso!

Despite the fact that we are a little biased, we believe AdEspresso is one of the best ad creation and automation software available, with powerful optimization features that will help you improve the success of your campaigns quickly.

When building campaigns, you have the option of selecting from a variety of ad formats and running split tests on numerous headlines and ad texts inside a single ad campaign, as well as variables such as audience targeting criteria. Advertising Espresso will monitor your campaigns as you execute these tests, allowing you to determine which aspects result in the most successful combination.

They will then tweak your advertising in accordance with this information and provide you with suggestions on how to increase campaign effectiveness. Even while Facebook’s algorithms are excellent at optimizing your ads on their own, we can assist you in taking your campaigns to the next level with our advanced advice and in-depth data.

There are numerous features on this page that become even more beneficial as your business grows, including the ones listed below:

  • Grid composer, which enables the generation of large amounts of content utilizing dynamic text
  • Control over automatic Page post promotion is completely up to you.
  • Facebook advertising reporting solutions allow you to customize the margins and data that are most important to you.

2. Hootsuite Advertising

Top 5 Facebook AD Tools to Save Time

The organic Facebook marketing tool offered by Hootsuite is probably already recognizable to you, but did you know they also offer a Facebook advertising tool?

Hootsuite Ads, like AdEspresso, allows you to conduct PPC campaigns across several platforms, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can build hundreds of ads to test in minutes because the process of creating them is quick and simple. Despite the fact that you have the ability to scale, you have complete control over everything, including your audience, placement, and budget.

There are numerous collaboration options available here, allowing you to submit ads for approval while also receiving and sharing feedback on them. And for teams who currently use Hootsuite, this is an expansion of a platform that you are already familiar with and like, allowing you to keep everything in one place.

Hootsuite Ads both streamlines the ad production process, saving you time, while also improving the overall impact of your ads in the process, according to the company. A win-win situation, if there ever was one, is what you’re looking at.

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3. Facebook Ads Manager (Facebook Ads Manager)

There is no discussion of automation technologies without mentioning the native Facebook ad management tool, which you can get for free by visiting this link.

While it does not have all of the bells and whistles that third-party programs such as Hootsuite and AdEspresso provide, it is a fantastic free tool for businesses who are ready to start creating their advertising campaigns.

Over the past few years, they’ve greatly increased the platform’s capabilities, and it now includes the following features:

  • Native split tests are tests that are performed in the native environment (though not at the scale of third-party tools)
  • Optimization of the campaign’s budget
  • Bid tactics that can be customized
  • A powerful Facebook ad preview tool that allows you to see how your ads will appear in each placement.

Creating, maintaining, and optimizing advertising aren’t the only things you have to think about when it comes to online marketing. When you’re trying to scale your Facebook ad campaigns, the process of creating images takes up a significant amount of time.

Check out these three Facebook ad design tools to help you expedite the development process while still producing eye-catching graphics.

4. Canva

It’s possible that Canva is the most popular graphic design tool available right now. It’s an excellent resource, particularly for marketers and content writers who don’t have much design knowledge.

As a starting point, they provide a plethora of fully customizable templates that you may utilize to produce impactful graphics for your marketing campaigns. The text should take up no more than 20 percent of the image’s total space, and you can include product photographs, brand logos, and other visual elements in the image.

As an added bonus, Canva offers streamlined video editing tools as well as a large library of video clips that you can utilize for your campaigns. There are options for adding music and creating video advertising for both in-feed and Story campaigns. If you’re searching for an all-in-one tool, this is a pretty good place to start your search for the right one.

5. Snappa

Snappa is my go-to design tool for still photographs when I’m searching for a quick and simple design solution.

Their interface is simple to use, and they have a large collection of templates for various social media posts that are optimized to garner clicks, which they make available for free. As a result, they are an excellent alternative for visual development for Facebook advertisements.

With Snappa, you can fully customize any of their templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas using drag-and-drop technology, just as with the other tools on this list. You can use their huge database of free-for-commercial-use photos, as well as layer photographs and create graphic elements on top of them.

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