Use astrology to increase your chances of winning Totosite


After betting at the outlet, you will receive your ticket. Make sure your ticket wager is accurately reflected. Please keep your ticket in a safe place. Only valid tickets will be accepted as proof of winning. 토토사이트  others may have a different idea, but buying lottery games like 4D and Toto is often based on luck and chance.


However, as a way to increase the winning probability of 4D and TOTO, there is a way to study the movement of celestial bodies and relative positional relationships. That’s what astrology is. Of course, many people agree that astrology is not 100% accurate. Therefore, please use the information presented here as a reference only.

Sun Signs and Elements Your sun sign (horoscope) and corresponding elements can be used to find your lottery fortune cycle. Your astrological date symbol corresponds to the date you were born and is the element you represent next to it. For example, if I was born on August 14th, my sign is Leo and my element is Fire. So when the Sun is in the fire elements of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, it’s a great time to buy 4D and Toto. Also, the Sun is most unlucky when it is in the water element, so avoid buying 4D or Toto on this day.

House of astrology

Like the clock, the constellations can be divided into 12. Each house has a characteristic of 토토사이트 and it seems that energy will be generated on the date corresponding to that house. Here are the houses you need to win 4D and TOTO.

– House 2: income and money

– House 5: House 6: fun, play

– House 8: Inheritance/Investment

– House 9: House 10 Risk, Luck, Gambling

– House 11 Unexpected Events and Surprises

For example, it is said that buying 4D or TOTO between April 20th and May 20th and November 22nd and December 21st will increase your chances of winning.

Lunar birthday

In Chinese culture, a lunar birthday is considered very optimistic and represents a new phase in one’s life. This birthday is derived from the lunar calendar, which is very different from the traditional 365-day Gregorian calendar.

To know your birthday, you have to look at the Chinese lunar calendar. For example, if my birthday is August 14th, my lunar birthday is September 14th this year. So if you buy 4D and TOTO on that day, you can increase your chances of winning.

Zodiac (the year you were born). According to Chinese fortune-telling, if the zodiac person of the birth year angers Tai Sui, the ruler of wealth and virtue, he or she will suffer many misfortunes, including economic loss.

However, there are effective ways to mitigate this scourge. Typical examples include wearing red underwear and keeping auspicious pendants or bracelets in your wallet.

For those who are thinking of buying 4D or TOTO as a lucky charm, it might be a good idea to refer to Chinese superstitions to increase your chances of winning.

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