When betting, you should know how to fold your bets

When betting, you should know how to fold your bets

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If you are a football bettor, you must have heard of the “folding bet” method. So what is a “fold bet”? Where does it originate from? What is interesting about folding bets, and what are the chances of winning betting odds? We will answer all of these questions in the following article.

What is a “fold bet”?

The folding bet is also known as the Martingale system, a term commonly used when playing casinos in France around the 18th century. The reason it is so named is because it is named after a casino owner who invented it, Henry Martingale.

If the player has a thorough understanding and makes accurate calculations in the process of playing, this method will bring great revenue. But the prerequisite that each player must comply with is having a thick skin and having enough perseverance.

How to play “fold bets”

To play a quick bet, players must be prepared for:

  • To begin, choose to place football bets at reputable websites and bookmakers for maximum accuracy.Let’s start with the knowledge and experience shared by experts, learn, and accumulate gradually to expect success. The dealer is also one of the reputable addresses, deserving of players’ trust and preference.
  • Second, prepare capital and plan to use capital. Effectively allocating capital to play fast bets will follow a certain series of ratios. Players will reduce their capital at those corresponding rates for each bet they participate in. It is possible to lose a lot, but if you win one match, everything can be put back, and there is a significant profit.
  • Third, the playing mentality must be stable. Playing bets according to the folding method, players will have to face a lot of losing bets, the amount of loss increases exponentially, which will make many people lose their temper. However, do not let yourself fall into a state of panic and worry. With just a little worry and hesitation, you can pass up a bright opportunity to turn the situation around. Urgently need a person with a cold mind, always alert and steadfast, calm enough and lucid enough to see, evaluate accurately, and make appropriate choices.

Should I play quickly or slowly?

This is probably the question asked by most gamblers. However, playing or not will depend on a lot of factors, mainly the internal factors of the player himself.

+ How do you feel?

+ How is your fund?

+ Where is your playing experience and knowledge?

No one is the same, and so are everyone’s choices. No one understands you better than yourself; see your own abilities and conditions in the most accurate way and make the right choice. As a result, the efficiency of the new game can be maximized.

A bloody experience when playing fast bets

Take the time to calculate and consider the amount of money you intend to bet. From there, you know how much money you will have to lose when you lose and how much you will get when you win. Absolutely do not let yourself fall into a state of empty hands, clean capital. If you prepare and invest carefully, you will have enough confidence and a chance to win. Don’t let yourself be cut off in the middle of the road because of a little negligence in the preparation.

Betting on the ball is a long, enduring journey that requires a lot of effort if you want to be successful. You, of course, are no exception.


Above is all the content that we want to share and send to readers. Hopefully, it will be useful baggage in assisting you to achieve the expected success. Good luck, and have a lot of interesting experiences in the near future.

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